Press for Day Dreamer

“Jesse’s brewed an exotic blend of New York jazz stories and world music from klezmer melodies to afrobeat grooves – an intriguingly personal gumbo.”
— Mark de Clive-Lowe

Day Dreamer is a culmination of [Jesse’s] unwavering pursuit of capturing the magical groove in a soul/funk jazz atmosphere … Highly Recommended!”
All About Jazz

“Fresh new listening experience with Eastern and Israeli influence. Unique arrangements of voice, trumpet, violin and keyboard.”
— Dr. Eddie Henderson

“Always keeping his sound culturally expansive and innovative, this joyful tune [“Nomads”] showcases Jesse’s dream in a modern update on 1970’s jazz-funk which is warm, soulful and beautifully incorporates various World musical influences.”
Crates of JR

“With Day Dreamer, [Fischer] has given us ten beautifully crafted, lyrically accomplished, and fantastically arranged compositions which definitely hit the musical sweet spot.”
— Tony

“Jesse and Sarah Elizabeth’s take on [Lovin’ You] is an impressive blend of jazz and soul that makes it stand out from the numerous remakes over the years.”

Press for Retro Future

“Jesse Fischer plays with astounding energy; creative ideas seem to issue forth from his hands to his instruments at a geyser-like rate. But he and his young band, Soul Cycle, are at their best when they show restraint, letting a rhythm drive its way toward some resolution.”
— DownBeat

“Jesse Fischer’s new album Retro Future takes us back into the timeless sounds of jazz-funk and soul, while commanding elements of electro, hip-hop and African influences.”

“Jersey-bred, Brooklyn-based keyboardist composes sleek funk, a lá Jeff Lorber, but possess a delicate touch like Chick Corea, all while leading his agile road band, Soul Cycle. His chops behind the keys are only surpassed by his prowess as a producer, arranger and engineer.”
Revive Music

“The music is continually expanding into new horizons, and few are as sumptuous as the one Soul Cycle mines. The heavy (if occasionally jittery) grooves are foundations for lyrical, gorgeous blossoms of melody and sound.”
— Washington City Paper